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Supporting hundreds of women and girls in Kenya by creating hope and opportunity for them.

Women deserve the opportunity to live free from poverty and gender based violence.

What does Mpanzi do?

Mpanzi supports women and girls by promoting education, economic empowerment, livelihoods and social well being. Partnering with various stakeholders we provide education, training, and  resources to enable women and girls to transform their lives.

Who do we support?

We support Kisii and Maasai women and girls in the rural villages of Poroko and Gucha in western Kenya. These women and girls come from poor backgrounds. Some have been exposed to female genital cutting and domestic violence. They are agents of change.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance the empowerment of women and girls, and eliminate violence against them. We believe education, livelihoods, peace and non-violence benefit women and girls, and the community at large.

Our Programs

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Violence Prevention

Women and girls who have survived violence meet to tell their stories. Mpanzi provides safe spaces for women and girls to reflect on their own lives.  Their power to transform violence lies within themselves, and in forming protective communities.

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Education and Training

Education program provides opportunities to young girls in remote villages of south western Kenya. They receive education and technical vocation training which provide lifelong chances.

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Mpanzi supports women in the villages in Kenya with livelihood opportunities including goats, chicken and seed money to enhance their income generating activities and economic empowerment.

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Needy young girls will be able to go to primary, secondary and college education though your donation.

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Women in rural areas will be trained on  programs to empower them  financially. This will enable them support their families.

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Safe spaces will be provide for women facing gender based violence and trained on forming protective communities.

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