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Girls Lead is the motto of our Mpanzi mentorship and leadership group dedicated to working together to address pressing challenges that we and other girls, youth and women face. Our focus is on promoting self-awareness and education for girls, ending violence against women and girls, and fostering wellbeing (economic, social, safety, health, and personal wellness). Here is who we are:


Lydia Kerubo Vincent 

My name is Lydia Kerubo Vincent, I am a form four leaver waiting to join university.  My favourite subject is business studies. My wish is to be the best teacher in order to help my students as my teachers did to me.


Rehema Nyaboke

Hello. I am Rehema Nyaboke. I am studying at Kisii National Polytechnic pursuing Fashion and Design. I would love to be among the greatest known designers and run my own company so as to create great opportunities for each and everyone in the society. 

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Judith Moraa

Hello, I am Judith Moraa Ogega. I am a student at Kisii national polytechnic pursuing a diploma in medical engineering. I would love to be a good engineer operating machines in hospitals and helping those in the society.

Serevine Mokeira Rogito

Hello, I am Serevine Mokeira Rogito. I am a student in Kisii national polytechnic. I take a course known as fashion design and garment making. I love all that fashion entails and I would like to be the best designer in future. Thanks.


Pauline Nyamusi Ombongi

I am Pauline Nyamusi Ombongi studying at St. Mary’s Nyamagwa girls. I am in form 2. My best subject is Geography and I would like to become a doctor to help those in need and to treat those people who want my help thanks.


Lella Nyankoba Ogenche

Hello, I am Lella Nyankomba Ogenche. I am a student at the Kisii National Polytechnic. I pursue fashion design and garment making. I would like to be the best one in future. Be blessed.


Yvonne Ongoro

Hello. I am Yvonne Ongoro, a student at St Mary's Nyamagwa girls. I am in form three and my favorite subject is biology and agriculture. I am hoping to be a teacher and help those who are suffering and those in need. Thanks everyone and be prayerful.


Diana Natumoi

Hi, I am Diana Natumoi studying at Kisii National polytechnic pursuing a certificate in food and beverage production and service. I am in my final term. My dream is to open my own business and help others. Be blessed.


Lemiso Purity

I am Lemiso Purity, a student at Kisii national polytechnic pursuing a certificate in sociology work and community development. I am in my second to last year. I will be happy to help people in the community. Thanks, and be blessed all.


Debora Nyangaresi

Hi, I am Debora Nyangaresi. l am fifteen years old. I am in secondary school at Boitangare. When I grow up, I will be a teacher of Maths and Kiswahili.

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